Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Your home should reflect your personal aesthetic, and Christine Markatos Design assists its clientele in achieving exactly that. Whether one aims to achieve a fresh, coastal interior or looks towards a more transitional living space, Markatos and her team will develop a concept that is tailored to each client’s unique point of view. Christine Markatos Design offers a range of comprehensive residential interior design services and a la carte options including furnishings packages with art and accessories, interior architecture detailing and elevations, custom kitchens and bathrooms and more.

The studio’s aesthetic can best be described as the product of a California vibe mixed with global influences, allowing them to approach each project with a fresh, sophisticated point of view. Each project is distinguished by a unique aesthetic with an unexpected blend of patterns, textures, and colors. Markatos and her talented team have an expansive network of contractors, architects and luxury artisans around the globe, further diversifying its collaborative aesthetic.

Since its founding in 2005, Christine Markatos Design has fostered relationships with high-profile clients and garnered the attention of several esteemed publications, namely Architectural DigestLuxe MagazineHouse BeautifulThe Wall Street JournalDomino, and The Los Angeles Times. 

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If you are looking for a Santa Monica interior that not only tells your story from a personal yet sophisticated perspective, consult Christine Markatos Design today.