Best Office Colors

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Working from home – a love hate relationship. When you think about what inspires, drives and enhances your creativity and work flow, you don’t typically take into account your home office paint colors. The truth is, however, these home office paint colors have a great affect on our productivity.

Paint transforms our rooms – it can make them feel brighter, larger, and warmer and it can deliver an affect more so than even our favorite decorative items. Depending on the room, some colors work better than others for what you are trying to achieve.

The question then lies: what do you want to achieve for you home office? Is it a place of inspiration and creativity? Is it a place to relax and focus? Answering these questions will lead you to finding the best office paint colors for your home.

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Some of the best home office paint colors can be warm and calming like soft ivories, and grays. Often times our place of work feels drab and dark — the last thing we want is a lackluster space to create. Ivories, whites and light grays can make a room feel brighter and full of light which can give us a push of energy when we really need it.

That being said, if you’re looking for a little more of a pop, there are options for that too, as your home office colors should never bore the creativity out of you. Don’t be afraid to work with deep blues and teals or even a pop of lavender which can actually help to inspire and motivate your work. One might assume that too much color can be stressful, distracting, or overwhelming, however soft lavenders and teals actually create a sense of calm when we are stressed with a deadline or tricky project at work – often times these colors can also improve our mood.

The key is to discover what environment is best for your productivity level and what might enhance your creativity.