5 Creative Ideas for Displaying China Collections


When you have exquisite dishware, you want it to be seen. A china collection is an intrinsic element of decor, setting the room’s
vibe entirely- depending on how you style it. There are many ways to show off your formalware and below we have listed some of our favorite china display ideas.

Antique China Cabinet Display

Display your pieces within an antique china cabinet or hutch. Large enough to be the rooms statement piece, this display is sure to catch the eyes of your guests.

Mix & Match Display

Curate an eclectic display of dishes by mixing and matching the styles, placed behind glass cabinet doors. However, be sure to keep some type of color or theme  going throughout in order to maintain a sense of order.

All White Display

Brighten the room by displaying your white china dishes within all white, farmhouse-style cabinetry. This is a crisp look, especially when paired with dark hardwood floors.

Vintage Display

Embellish the walls by hanging your vintage collection of dishware among it. Tie it together with other vintage elements within the room, such as the chairs or table. 

Timeless Display

Add a timeless touch to your place with the classic display of blue and white china pieces. Within a wooden cabinet or placed upon a white wall, these pieces are sure to impress.